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Koen Martens gmc at har2009.org
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Hi all,

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 05:13:56PM -0700, Frantisek Apfelbeck wrote:
> However I've to say that from my point of view the most easy way would be pay in 
> your home hacker center and temporarily in the other one which you are visiting. 
> Bit more expensive but most simple. Option number two would be to create some 
> group of hacker spaces which would recognise each other so also the status of 
> the members etc. However what about resources/money. If I'm now at 091 labs as a 
> member of Noisebridge, to whom shall I pay, how much and who is going to keep 
> the resources. The arguments may vary from point of view that you are using 
> resources in a place so you should support it. Or other point of view is that 
> you were using resources in another place before, these help you to create 
> something which you are applying/teaching in the "new" space so again, who gets 
> the resources the helpers at the beginning? Maybe Mitch could you comment? Is 
> your project about the passports about this too, is it going to be revealed 
> soon? :-)))

Just my 2 eurocents from across the pond: we've been pondering on this idea in the
Netherlands for about 2 years now; the idea of having some kind of shared or 'roaming'
membership as we usually refer to it. We've had much discussions about it, at first
with the two hackerspaces that existed, and later with all the new ones that popped
up (I just went to 8th hackerspace that is about to open their doors over here).

There are two

- - most of the hackerspaces that are starting up are still struggling to keep the
  total assets projection from nosedivin into the red, and thus need all the
  money they can get to pay the rent and all
- - most of the hackerspaces welcome everyone in their space when there is a member
  present, and apart from having a key there is no additional membership benefit
- - we have tried to find some way to collect the roaming membership and distribute
  this fairly among the participating hackerspaces, but none that satisfied us
- - there is the issue of 'how to check if someone is indeed a roaming member', which
  would entail, i don't know, cards or databases or whatever, too wieldy

So in the end we figured it would be a lot of trouble insitutionalizing it, whereas
the benefit would be marginal. It all sorts itself out by itself.


Koen (gmc)

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