[hackerspaces] Open letter to Anonymous (please distribute)

Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Sun Jun 12 12:14:33 CEST 2011

hy Sylva1n,

On Sat, 11 Jun 2011, Sylva1n wrote:
> Jaromil, are you under the impression that, if the carriers* of the
> Anonymous meme stop monkeying around, our glorious leaders will stop
> their power grab, or dial down the authoritarians laws?
> I'm not.

me neither, not at all. i didn't woke up yesterday on these issues
and, this is probably the misunderstanding for those who don't know me
from an activist perspective, i'm not someone that would condemn any
form of self-defense, nor someone that easily believes the financial
and parlamentary systems to follow at any time the constitutional
principles of our societies, if not the law and not even ethical
sense. It is enough to see how close to mafia-methods are the
corporate regime's media and law firms right now http://t.co/aa5e10R

regarding the debate on "violence" in the civil sphere, i even regard
as naive those positions which advocate non-violence at all costs,
since they deny history and ignore that even our states were founded
and defended by the determination of their citizens to self

> Anonymous is an excuse.  At best they're just some sand in the cogs,
> preventing the internet to be transformed entirely into a sterilized
> mall.  Realistically, there's barely a speed bump.

this is true; there is a speed bump and i fear there will be lots of
witch hunting and witch burning - and i really cannot stand the
latter, I believe noone of us can, for the very nature of hackers
springs from enlightenment and noone of us, as rebellious and diverse
we can be, can ever stand a witch hunt, regarded as the apex of

OTOH *today* there is also what some philosophers call as an
opportunity for constituency. this opportunity is inscribed in a part
of contemporary history which is getting extremely dense of
significance, a so called Kairos. To understand what i mean let alone
this recent analysis by M.Bauwens which could have been regarded as
dystopian 20 years ago, but not anymore today: http://ur1.ca/4cnbo

Now I don't even regard the actions of Anonymous as stupid or
rootless, they actually make a lot of sense to many people (that's why
they are so many) because they can relate people to the fight for
justice, rather than being served with a cup of lies every morning.

so what is about this thread then?

I'm far from telling people what to do, yet i think that confronting
opinions and debating these issues is important, that's why i assumed
a provocative stance and reported an historical document from 1999
that actually divided the hackers communities back then, for its
critical analysis. now if behind the lulz we are actually capable to
relate to each other seriously and coalesce into a society that fights
for its principles, then maybe this can become one of the most
powerful instances of what MB calls in his article "p2p-commons
centered civiilzation".

at last, my strategic opinion right now is that Anonymous gets rid of
the criminalization bits and wears the gentlemen clothes before the
shit hits the fan. we are setting the foundation for a *long term*
game we should all play within society and we can all take advantage
of our agility and understanding *for the rest of our free lives*.

there is a lot more coming up to be done and we shouldn't waste our
future into this little game. we know the giants are listening and we
know that when David killed Goliath, despite the violence of such an
act, it was ethos what moved the little boy's hand. It will take many
years to do that for and of course precise moves of Kung-Fu, but now,
this is the time of the Wu-Wei.


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