[hackerspaces] arte launches DDoS against syn2cat

Charel Büchler charel at hackerspace.lu
Tue Jun 7 23:08:57 CEST 2011

On 6/7/11 10:03 PM, John de Largentaye wrote:
> Is that a complaint or a statement of "woo! we got on TV!" ? :) Arte
> is a great station, glad they gave you some TV time. During which
> program did they show it? What was its context? Coming from Arte, I
> expect it's not feeding hacker FUD?
> Anyhow, this is the perfect time to prove your mettle and optimize the
> hell out of your server!
They gave us some tv time during the documentary "Der Siegeszug der
Hacker", which is actually awesome!

btw: W000000 we got on TV! (we <3 arte)

Server Optimization: yes for sure.. that would be an idea! :)

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