[hackerspaces] International FabLab Conference and maybe a HackerSpace meeting in Lima - Peru ?

Luis Gustavo Lira dr_complexity at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 3 08:32:58 CEST 2011

Hi guys

The International FabLab Conference organized by MIT's Center for Bits & Atoms will be in Lima, Peru this year (August 15-20).


My hackerspace group (Yachachiq) want to organize an International HackerSpace Meeting after the FabLab Conference. All important events are in US or EU and people from the south is unable to attend, many problems with the visas or the travel costs.

We dont have any sponsor and we need the help of the hackerspaces in the north.

The cost for the fablab conference is $250 however we are planning a flat fee of $100 or less. But we need a sponsor for travelships for participants of south america, africa and south asia.

Is your hackerspace interested in co-organize this event?

Who could help us with a campaign in kickstater or other similar site for funding? Unfortunately only american citizen could use these crowdsourcing sites.

What do you think?

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