[hackerspaces] Planned Hackerspaces survey 2011 - rerun of 2010 survey

Jarkko Moilanen Jarkko.Moilanen at uta.fi
Fri Jun 3 05:21:31 CEST 2011


Some of you might remember that I did a small survey study of  
hackerspaces a year ago. It's about time to do it again to see if  
things have changed somehow. Interpreted results of 2010 survey can be  
seen here:  
http://extreme.ajatukseni.net/2010/07/19/hackerspaces-members-and-involvement-survey-study/ Raw data has been available all the time. I moved the old data to new location:  

The 2010 results gained some interest so I thought it might be  
interesting (for others too, not just for me) to do it again. Before  
making the survey, I'd like to get some feedback about the questions.  
Is it lacking questions or options? Is there something that should be  
presented otherwise? If you have any ideas how to make it better,  
reply to this list of directly to me. Again, results will be make  
available to all.

Anyway, the form is visible here:  

NOTE! I did not find a way to disable accepting answers and still  
keeping it public/visible. The form accepts answers, but don't submit  
it, not yet. Any submit will not be included to next survey. I will  
make another announcement when the survey will be 'in action' right  
after I make some adjustments to it.


  Jarkko Moilanen
  M.Soc.Sc. (Political Science)
  PhD Student, Information studies, University of Tampere
  Blog: Extreme activities in cyberspace - http://extreme.ajatukseni.net/
  Founder of Hackerspace 5w, Finland, Tampere - 5w.fi

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