[hackerspaces] Do your spaces have a theft problem? How do you deal with it?

Jan Lieven jan at das-labor.org
Wed Jul 27 15:45:47 CEST 2011

On Tue, 26 Jul 2011 23:29:03 -0700
John Arclight <arclight at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think we need to make a distinction between outside threats (hacker
> spaces usually aren't situated in the nicest areas) and being too
> paranoid about each other. We have a methadone clinic down the street
> from our space, and also have a higher than average number of addicts
> in the neighborhood.  Our security systems don't really need to
> protect against other hackers hacking our RFID cards, but more against
> someone putting a brick through the window and trying to make off with
> a computer.
Our space has a methadone clinic one floor above our rooms and a
prostitute information centre next door.
The only time we had something stolen (the money box for drinks, as
mentioned before) was when someone forgot to close the door when he/she
left for a few minutes.
We are not even sure if it was one of the addicts or a fellow hacker,
since there was a lot of bad blood and personal grudge in the space at
that time.
We haven't installed any cameras or motion sensors since then, because
most of our members thought privacy is more important. We just raised
the sum our insurance would cover in case of a theft.
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