[hackerspaces] Whipping up interest for Lake Forest, CA hackerspace

Mel mel at hackersouverts.fr
Sun Jan 23 13:42:09 CET 2011

Hey Jonni,

First off, good luck with the project ! Like you, I've recently started
foraying into opening a structure a few weeks ago with a buddy, in
hackerspace-free waters North of Paris, France.

The first thing I've been focusing on, instead of finding a space, is
finding people interested and offering a communication structure through the
site and free services like Twitter and the likes. This way, people can
already start sharing information, ideas and helping each other on project
if they're so inclined even without a physical space to work as. For that
purpose, I've looked up computer stores across the town, and am going to go
and ask if I can post fliers and posters there inviting locals to join the
websites and forums to gather around locals interested in the activities we
can offer and meeting like-minded tinkerers.

Secondly, I've been getting in touch with the person responsible for
information technology development at the town hall to let them know that
we're trying to establish ourselves in the area and that, should there be a
need for help with community outreach help regarding computer sciences and
technology, we could certainly talk about it - and letting them know at the
same time what our needs are in terms of space, and what we plan to offer
the local community.

I guess so far, that'd be the only advice another beginner can give you -
focus on the local assets, people and communities. Keep in touch !


Hackers Ouverts - Hackerspace nomade en Île de France

2010/12/24 Jonny Gerold <fsk141 at tinkerbyte.com>

> Hello,
> My name is Jonny & am planning on starting a new hackerspace in uncharted
> waters. I just wanted to do a shameless namedrop, and try to catch anyone
> that might be interested in helping/joining/donating?
> The name of our hackerspace is TinkerByte && hopefully we can find a space
> in Lake Forest, CA (I know there is some great industrial space, and it's a
> great neighborhood)
> I've setup a little setpage & the startings of a wiki at
> http://tinkerbyte.com
> http://wiki.tinkerbyte.com
> Any advice will be happily accepted.
> Thanks, Jonny
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