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Wed Jan 19 19:08:59 CET 2011

* Guyzmo <guyzmo+hackerspaces at m0g.net> [2011-01-19 13:55]:
> in the process of installing the tools of a new hackerspace in Paris,
> France (The Loop, http://leloop.org), we're in need of a good shared
> calendar application, in order to manage and share daily presence.
> Because we're self-managed, from our hosting to the space we use,
> we'd like to have all our systems out of the 'cloud',
> and thus, not relying on applications ran by google.
> How do you manage the calendar sharing problem in other
> hackerspaces? Is everybody relying on google's calendar?

there are many calendars out there.. but most of them require
a login with your email address before they allow you
to enter, maintain, or share events with others. and
they usually "own" the data once they obtain them.

we dont like this, either.  that's why
we are working on yet another calendar.

it is open for everyone, ie you can add and
edit events without an account - wiki style.
and all data and the software is free.  :-)

all events have at least one tag; you can
search for places, tags, and time duration -
and this gives you an RSS feed, so you can
stay informed and yet be "anonymous".

so far every event has an ical export.
and if you dare sign up then the server
sends you a notification via email when
one of your saved searches (filter)
matches a new or changed event.

you can then create groups to add events to.
which shows them in a bundle.  just add other
users if you think they may be interested.
changes will be automatically reported, too.

futher goals:
we are adding personalized views, so you'll
see the data in our favourite form rather
than the standard view on the homepage.

and we'll make it decentralized, so you can check out
the software and run your own installation -
peering the data with other installations.

we try to support all event formats -
both for input and for output.  so
you could use the site to convert
the data - just as a filter does.

some day we hope to make tools available
to convert data as a standalone program,
so you can do this without pumping
your data through the cloud.

there are a lot more features to look at
(our current list has 200+ - check the wiki).
all this runs on django+python+trac, by the way.

here it is:

  GridCalendar - an Open Events Calendar
  "free data, free formats, free software"

there's a mailing list and a wiki - and
an IRC channel, too: #calendar (FreeNode)

we'd love to see you add some events and
let us know  how you like the experience.

greetings from berlin

Grid Calendar - an Open Events Calendar
Free Data, Free Formats, Free Software
www.gridcalendar.net + www.grical.org

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