[hackerspaces] Google calendar FLOSS alternatives ?

Pierre Emeriaud petrus.lt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 17:41:14 CET 2011

Hi Guyzmo,

>    After trying out several calendars  applications,  I  found  nothing
> that could be a useable web calendar. I've tested phpicalendar,  but  it
> does not enables one to edit through the web interface, monket, but  the
> interface is really too basic, bedework is just too heavy for our  512MB
> of ram vserver, and some others...

a couple of weeks ago we went through the same process of looking for
a calendar, and the result of this was the AgendaDuHack

It's a based on the "agenda du libre", and maybe this could suit your
needs. I don't have much more informations than that as I wasn't
involved in the set up, but i could look into my mail archives to post
it on our wiki.

et félicitations pour leloop ;)

Petrus, for BreizhEntropy.

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