[hackerspaces] Google calendar FLOSS alternatives ?

Inte inte at oqlt.de
Wed Jan 19 15:30:43 CET 2011

Hi Guyzmo,

2011/1/19 Guyzmo <guyzmo+hackerspaces at m0g.net>:
> How do you manage the calendar sharing problem in other hackerspaces ?

We[1] hadn't a calendar for a year and used our wiki to organize our
schedule, which was ok in the beginning. But the more events took
place and it sucked more and more (archiving old events, etc.).

So we tried a new approach and switched to Drupal and CiviCRM[2]. It
brings a nice and easy to setup calendar[3], registration forms for
workshops (participant list + wait list) and membership management.
CiviCRM has a bunch of features (fundraising campaings, newsletter,
etc.), but at the moment we're just using a small subset.


[1] http://raumzeitlabor.de/
[2] http://civicrm.org/
[3] http://raumzeitlabor.de/events

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