[hackerspaces] Google calendar FLOSS alternatives ?

Guyzmo guyzmo+hackerspaces at m0g.net
Wed Jan 19 12:09:18 CET 2011


    in the process of installing the  tools  of  a  new  hackerspace  in
Paris, France (The Loop, http://leloop.org), we're in  need  of  a  good
shared  calendar  application,  in  order  to  manage  and  share  daily

    After trying out several calendars  applications,  I  found  nothing
that could be a useable web calendar. I've tested phpicalendar,  but  it
does not enables one to edit through the web interface, monket, but  the
interface is really too basic, bedework is just too heavy for our  512MB
of ram vserver, and some others...

    Because we're self-managed, from our hosting to the  space  we  use,
we'd like to have all our systems out of  the  'cloud',  and  thus,  not
relying on applications ran by google.

    How do you manage the calendar sharing problem in other hackerspaces ?
Is everybody relying on google's calendar ?



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