[hackerspaces] A New Hacker Has Joined Your Party!

Mel mel at hackersouverts.fr
Thu Jan 13 21:03:17 CET 2011

2011/1/13 Chris Hardee <shazzner at gmail.com>

> Slow going, but now that traditional news outlets are picking up on
> hackerspaces it's easier to explain. I've also been working on my elevator
> pitch for a while to explain what we do. Once we're a non-profit, it should
> be easier to show were legit.
> Also I use "Makerspace" until I slip up, just so I don't have to explain
> our reclamation of the word "hacker".

> I think we should create a page on the hackerspaces wiki about community
> outreach and our community mission.

Two great ideas right there - both the choice of "makerspace" terminology,
and the community outreach page.

Hackers Ouverts - Hackerspace nomade en Île de France
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