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Thu Jan 13 20:53:32 CET 2011

Slow going, but now that traditional news outlets are picking up on
hackerspaces it's easier to explain. I've also been working on my elevator
pitch for a while to explain what we do. Once we're a non-profit, it should
be easier to show were legit.

Also I use "Makerspace" until I slip up, just so I don't have to explain our
reclamation of the word "hacker".

I think we should create a page on the hackerspaces wiki about community
outreach and our community mission.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 1:33 PM, Ross Smith <rsmith at i3detroit.com> wrote:

> > I think this is a fantastic idea and probably warrants a separate thread.
> > Our recent mayor, here in San Antonio, is one that "gets it" and is
> trying
> > to build the city from the ground up with local businesses instead of the
> > traditional way of making a bunch of promises to giant corporations and
> > having them move in. I've been trying to talk him and other council
> members
> > about how hackerspaces can help build the community from the ground up by
> > letting people learn and create.
> Yes.  This is very much what we talk about in our space.  It get the
> impression that a lot of hackerspaces are not totally above-boards
> with their local cities or municipalities; they are missing out on a
> chance to build up that relationship.  (That said, you do have to play
> by more rules if you want to be on good terms with the mayor, fire
> marshal, and city inspector!)  The mayor of our city (Ferndale) wants
> to get to know us better, I know, and wants his city to be known for
> attracting spaces like i3.  I'm glad to hear that this is well
> underway already in San Antonio - you're on a good track!
> What sort of luck have you had so far?  Any trepidation from the
> council members, or just a desire to understand our spaces better?
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