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Fri Feb 18 09:45:41 CET 2011

Ohai Kwisatz,

only just read your mail and realized you didn't get much feedback so far!

Probably, you might wanna have a look at this pdf:
I'm sure you've already found the documentation page on the wiki, but
let me nevertheless emphasize you to take a look at the timelines on the
bottom of the page:
Also, I've just included a downloadable version (CVS) of the full list
of hackerspaces (with country, founding date, status etc.) there.

Hack on,

On 1/18/11 12:26 AM, David Raison wrote:
> Hey,
> having read monochrom's account of 'Hacking the spaces' a while ago and
> some of Jarkko's blogposts, I was wondering whether anyone on this list
> had any more sources on the genealogy of hackerspaces, more specifically
> about the first and second waves, aka "the beginning" ?
> Books, online sources, eJournals, I would be thrilled by any kind of
> document.
> Thanks and so long,
> Kwisatz

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