[hackerspaces] Looking for some insight from other S.O.O.H.

Tim Saylor tim.saylor at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 04:50:54 CET 2011

One thing we started doing at pumping station one is posting a weekly "what
did you do last week" thread.  It was mostly because our mailing list had
too much whining and not enough hacking content, but I imagine seeing more
projects being discussed could motivate people to do more.

Also, is anyone there participating in Thing-A-Day?  Several of us here are
really taking it seriously and a few more are stepping up their game a
little to get in on a taste of the action.

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:44 PM, Far McKon <farmckon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey,
> I need some advice.  I'm having some concerns about the activity level
> in my space.  I feel our space's activity level is too low,  and
> (along with doing things myself) I've been bugging people to do more.
> And maybe not in not the most productive ways..  At this point, it's
> turned into some contentious but polite discussion on the mailing
> list.   It would be great to get a sanity check on my opinion and
> approach from another of the Secret Organizers Of Hackerdom (SOOH).
> Also, it would be nice to blow off some steam, and be told if I'm
> right, or just crazy.
> If anyone else has been through this 'how active should we be'
> discussion, and has some good advice, please email me off-list. I'll
> give the details there.
> now, back to your regularly scheduled hack on,
> - Far McKon
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