[hackerspaces] Looking for some insight from other S.O.O.H.

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 04:44:13 CET 2011

I need some advice.  I'm having some concerns about the activity level
in my space.  I feel our space's activity level is too low,  and
(along with doing things myself) I've been bugging people to do more.
And maybe not in not the most productive ways..  At this point, it's
turned into some contentious but polite discussion on the mailing
list.   It would be great to get a sanity check on my opinion and
approach from another of the Secret Organizers Of Hackerdom (SOOH).
Also, it would be nice to blow off some steam, and be told if I'm
right, or just crazy.

If anyone else has been through this 'how active should we be'
discussion, and has some good advice, please email me off-list. I'll
give the details there.

now, back to your regularly scheduled hack on,
- Far McKon

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