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2011/12/11 Yves Quemener <quemener.yves at free.fr>

> Nope, though I remember that there was a discussion involving museums a
> few months (years ?) ago on the /tmp/lab discussion list.

I think that's the reasoning our colleagues at Nicelab (or Rivierhack ?)
followed -one of these hackerspaces is set up in a museum. It might that
same reasoning that led the /tmp/lab to set up at La Gaîté Lyrique on
Thursdays ?

> In Grenoble, we had a sort of deal with a non-profit that offered basic
> science workshops to children : we were making public classes about how
> to repair a PC (bring your computer and your problem, we teach you how
> to solve it) and in exchange we could have the local an evening for a
> hackerspace session. It was a very nice link with the general public
> "You know, if you want to see how one tinkers with electronics, we are
> mounting a 3D printing machine next week.

That is a pretty cool idea :) Are you guys continuing this year ?

> I think it makes sense to be inside a library, but like always you just
> have to find the good person who understand what this is all about.

Agreed - although the numbers are rising, both in France and abroad.
Hackerspace-like structures in libraries were one of the topics mentioned
at the *Rencontres Savoirs CDI* in Rennes in October, and some libraries
like the *Champs Libres* one (again in Rennes) are slowly going that way it

> Administrations and associations (in France at least) are very wary of
> people asking for room because there are many groups looking for a local
> and some of them are a bit suspicious.

Indeed. Some cities in our area get so many requests for places to set up
from associations that they just won't offer any kind of space until your
group/structure passes the 1-year mark - which is understandable, since
apparently many of them don't last that long.

As far as educating the local authorities is concerned, our little group at
the CRDP is working on a few things and in touch with some people and small
businesses rising from the hackerspace scene, trying to put together a
clear picture of what a hackerspace can be : long, tough work, but worth it


> On 12/11/2011 01:50 PM, Mel Shamanka wrote:
> > Hey Yves,
> >
> > Have you heard of any hacker groups in France or in your area pinging
> > the local /collectivités/ or libraries and /médiathèques/ about setting
> > up spaces and offering classes to the public ?
> >
> > M.
> >
> > 2011/12/11 Yves Quemener <quemener.yves at free.fr
> > <mailto:quemener.yves at free.fr>>
> >
> >     On 12/10/2011 07:45 PM, B F wrote:
> >     > The trailer idea is also a good one.  If you can get a truck
> trailer
> >     > that can be moved over the road -- even if it can't be moved laden
> >     > with 10klbs, or whatever they normally hold -- then you're not
> >     > inextricably tied to one location.  In suburban to semi-rural
> areas,
> >     > it might be fairly easy to find a place to put such a trailer.
> >
> >     In Grenoble we have been considering buying a container and renting
> an
> >     empty space to put it, making it mobile . Containers can be big and
> not
> >     that expensive. But we got feedbacks that they are unbearable in the
> >     summer or in winter. There are fully equipped ones that come with AC,
> >     floor and insulation but they are more expensive. The idea was put in
> >     the freezer when we could meet at a friendly non-profit regularly.
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