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Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Fri Dec 9 11:13:42 CET 2011

re all,

some weeks ago I've held this workshop in Amsterdam called
"re/think re/design" which mostly focuses on the theoretical
background motivating hackers, as well on design principles...


Since the experience was very positive and absolutely enriching also
for us instructors, I've taken the time to write a report


maybe this is of interest to some people here: the "hacker ethics"
(see Pekka Himanen's book) constitute already a good theoretical
corpus besides the very pragmatic transmission of skills and in this
very case, working with a Montessori method Lyceum, to keep it
theoretical has been a very useful approach in order to get the boys
and girls (around 15yr old) to think of what they are really curious
about and want to study more in their life...

I'd be happy to hear if someone else is working in these directions,


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