[hackerspaces] Vote on creating a separate political discussion list

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Tue Dec 6 21:50:00 CET 2011

On 12/06/2011 09:07 PM, Justis Peters wrote:
> Speaking of tools, almost every email client has tools to ignore a given
> thread. If your email client doesn't, then just use "procmail" to filter
> and perhaps "fetchmail" to get your emails.

It is not about the threads, it is about the crowd they attract. You
know the kind, they talk a lot about paradigm change, open source, how
hackers should be but couldn't code a minesweeper or help on any
project. Their only input are words, not always well thought, and often
branding old ideas are revolutionary.

I tend to dislike political discussions because everyone has a damn
opinion on every subject, even the incompetent. What I fear is that the
next time someone wants to talk about bitcoin's algorithms and how to
prune the blockchain, these people will hijack the conversation about
the political dimension of bitcoin without having a clue of the
technical side of it.

I mean I know the hackerspace movement has a political, social
dimension. Of course, why do you think I am part of it ? But politics
are the why, not the how.

Maybe the solution is not to separate politics but to have a "projects"
mailing list.


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