[hackerspaces] are we creating a political discussion list?

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Tue Dec 6 20:57:56 CET 2011

On 06.12.2011 20:36, Ron Bean wrote:
> I've been mass-deleting threads that seem to be, shall we say, verbosely
> uninformative.

I don't delete mails. Ever. But I don't bother reading threads that are
not interesting. I don't mind them either, on a broad spectrum
mailinglist such as "Discuss Hackerspaces". Discussions around ethics
(politics) are very important, and if people feel the need to pick them
up again and again and again, they seem to want to discuss exactly that.

I'd vote for an "announce" list that hackerspaces can use to announce
new projects. Maybe really channel it so that every hackerspace has only
one account. The announced stuff can then be taken to "discuss" to
discuss it, and other issues around hacking and hackerspaces.

What would you want to see on a list that is called
"discuss at hackerspaces"? Especially since you mostly can see at a glance
which topics are about what.


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