[hackerspaces] are we creating a political discussion list?

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Tue Dec 6 19:17:54 CET 2011

Remember: Everything is political. (TM)

Maybe it's just me, but don't have a problem with high-volume lists.
This one is not really high volume. And I think sometimes you need to
force people into political discussions. For me, that an integral part
of what hackerspaces and hacking in general is about. I don't see how
separated lists could work out well, as many discussions evolve over time.

On 06.12.2011 19:12, Justis Peters wrote:
> On the first thread where discussions of DoD and DARPA turned into
> dozens of participants, we were told to "shut up and hack" by some folks
> who thought it was noise. A few people suggested that we get our own list.
> Are we going to create that discussion list or are we going to continue
> turning this list into a political discussion list?
> I think that these discussions are highly relevant to the business of
> running a hackerspace, but I do not think that so strongly that I would
> want to lose a bunch of subscribers. Conversation that is inclusive of
> everyone is sometimes more important than conversation that is inclusive
> of every topic.
> Kind regards,
> Justis
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