[hackerspaces] DARPA Sponsored Hacker Space Assessment

Nathaniel Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Tue Dec 6 19:05:08 CET 2011

> Never mind that plenty of information about our space is available online
> on our wiki and blog anyway, and that we discuss pretty much everything
> openly at our Open Meetings.  If DARPA (or anybody else) wanted this
> knowledge, they could (pretty much) acquire it.... but I would not
> support spending any special effort to accommodate DARPA, or allowing them
> any special degree of access.

Without all the paranoia and vitriol, this sums up my feelings pretty
accurately. It's all out there, and anyone who feels we've left out
details is welcome to ask for clarification. Come to think of it, our page
on the hackerspaces.org wiki is probably due for a refresh. If there are
feds watching RecentChanges, I hope they manage to do something productive
with the data.


p.s. If NFPA 903.2.3.2 just went away, I'd be okay with that. Just sayin'.

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