[hackerspaces] HACKING IS NOT A CRIME vinyl stickers..

Mars brown itcamefrommars at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 20:20:34 CET 2011

So hey, I made a crapload of stickers... and changed up the design slightly
so that it is very very easy to make (weeding wise) if you have a vinyl
It can also be used as is (no floating solids) to make a stencil so that
you can go vandalizing if that's what gets you off.

I'll post a list of who I have so far tomorrow and then I'll mail them out
monday so feel free to add on to the list.
I'll make more this weekend and make sure each group gets at least 30 - but
hopefully a lot more than that.
If you want more than that to sell or something to raise money - lemme
know.  I'll post pics w the design tomorrow.

If ya wanna donate anything it'll cover shipping and leftover will go to my
hackerspace GumboLabs here in filthy sinful lazy New Orleans
(we are hurting - planning alot of promo in early 2012 or starting a new
Out of US people - either send a few bucks to cover shipping or look for a
link to the design tomorrow to make them yourselves.

If you can't afford anything - that's fine... someone else or myself will
cover it.
This is only for real HSpaces, btw... please let me know which one you're

u can paypal at
itcamefrommars at gmail.com

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