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A few months ago we (a few hackerspaces) submitted a reply to a DARPA
Request For Information.  DARPA is interested as to the type of organization
that would be well suited to turn an initial investment into a long-term
self-sustainable decades long space program to achieve the ambitious goal of
inter-stellar space travel.

Our short document (
was well-received and we've since been invited to both an Asian
manufacturing roundtable in Singapore (next week) and to the 100 Years
Starship Symposium in Orlando (http://www.100yss.org) at the end of

In the meantime, existing efforts continues in various Hackerspaces,  such
as the Lunar Numbat space program (http://www.lunarnumbat.org) and the Space
Program track at Chaos Communication Camp (

To get the efforts further organized, it seemed eminently reasonable to
establish both a wiki page and a mailing list on hackerspaces.org:


Although right now focused on the 100YSS discussion, I think we can use both
resources as a focus for any space-related efforts in our respective
hackerspaces - if only to catalog and showcase the efforts so far.

If you have an interest, I invite you (space geek!) to join the new mailing
list and start the discussion.

Thank you!
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