[hackerspaces] $10 Amazing deal on 92 bin electronics cart- not spam ad

Mars brown itcamefrommars at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 22:06:45 CEST 2011

I just joined to share this... I'm a member of gumbolabs of new orleans, so
not just some spammer.

I went this morning to harbor freight to buy another of the rolling bin
They rock... I now have 3.

The "old" model - which identical to that one - is discontinued and on
clearance till tomorrow...
If you're a member of their "inside track club" with discounts it comes to
10 bucks each!  Normally 2 would cost 300 but I only spent 20!  Weeeee.

These things save me as I stock thousands of each component I buy (starting
a OSHW biz soon) -

I checked everywhere in the 150 mile local radius and we're out now down
but I strongly suggest any hackerspace to call the local HF store to see if
they have any left - you have to ask for SKU# 67630 - not the listed one on
the website... it's the old SKU that is discontinued.  Makes no since as the
old one is the same as the new product..

You may have to go to the store because the old SKU doesn't even list on
their website anymore.  - ya might have to get them to check in the
back....  Shoot.. buy them and sell them on ebay for funds since they sell
for 120 - 190 online!

Here's the SKU's again:
67630 - the product - comes in two boxes
87701 - the box that has the 90 bins
87702 - the box that has the rolling double sided rack.

Good luck, and I hope this is welcome here... please let me know if it's not
appropriate - i didn't look up any rules cuz i wanted to post soon for
anyone interested... it's only through tomorrow... oh and you can join their
club and get the discount at the same time for 20 more i think... it's def
worth it.

- mars
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