[hackerspaces] A simple CRM for hackerspaces

Edward L Platt elplatt at i3detroit.com
Fri Aug 5 21:27:11 CEST 2011

I'm writing to announce Seltzer CRM, developed at i3 Detroit.  It's been
growing with us over the past couple years and we thought it might be useful
to some of the other spaces out there.  It's a simple web app (LAMP stack)
that we use for the following:
* Tracking member contact and emergency contact info
* Tracking membership levels
* Tracking keycards

Why did we write our own CRM?  The existing ones we looked at were very
complex, and we wanted something that would be useful to all of our
members/directors/volunteers without extensive training.  We also wanted
something with a small enough code base that our dev types could hack on it.
 So far we've found it quite useful.

You can try a demo here:
http://elplatt.com/seltzertest (user: admin, pass: beexcellent)

And the code is on github:

Happy Hacking,
Edward L. Platt
Director at Large, i3 Detroit
i3 Detroit: i3detroit.com
Homepage: elplatt.com
Cell: 248.320.5061
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