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Dear Hackerspace folk,

<goog_185834347>Zoybar <http://www.zoybar.net/>has launched a new
collaborative contest with Blender art Magazine and Shapeways.


 This collaboration represents the first hardware integration between a mass
production product and mass customization of user made applications. In
order to promote Open Hardware/Software we have initiated a contest with the
prize of two electric Zoybar guitars

along with the fabrication of the winning hardware design by Shapeways.

For this challenge you don’t need to buy anything! Zoybar`s unique open R&D
model provides access to both hardware and production files for further
customizations and development by the end users themselves. Following our
announcement on Innovation Journal (winter issue 2009) Zoybar`s 3D CAD
production files are available to download for non commercial use and can be
used to design new hardware features on many 3D modeling softwares like

Blender <http://www.blender.org/> is a free 3D graphic software that can be
used for modeling 3D Cad files (Computer Aided Design) and interactive
applications including video games, animated film, or visual effects.
Released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

The process is complete with the use of the online production service
provided by Shapeways <http://www.shapeways.com/about/how_does_it_work>.

Shapeways is an online manufacturing platform for physical objects.
Designers upload their design files to the Shapeways website, they print it
and ship it to any destination you choose.

 For more information about this contest visit:

Good luck!

Karen Roso
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