[hackerspaces] SoOnCon 2010 - Update & Call for Participation!

Ben Brown ben at kwartzlab.ca
Thu Sep 16 15:13:18 CEST 2010

 Hello again folks, preparation for SoOnCon 2010 (The Southern Ontario
Hackerspace & Makers Conference) is moving steadily ahead! We're all set
for Friday night's events at Kwartzlab, and are lining up the main
festivities at the Schwaben Club in Kitchener. The con is taking place
October 1st & 2nd, 2010 -- two weeks away!

We've been moving things along on the website, once a schedule is
complete you'll find it here:

Need to find the venues and close accommodations? Check out our Location
& Directions page here:

Tickets are $40cdn (incl. taxes) and are on sale until September 25th.
This gets you into both Friday's reception at Kwartzlab and the main
event on Saturday. You also get an awesome custom-designed, ARM-based
badge to hack on! There are a limited amount of tickets available, so
register today!


We're looking for speakers to do talks, demonstrations and workshops
during Saturday's main event. If you've ever wanted to do a talk (or are
looking for a new con to present at) then check out our participate page
here and put your name down:


There are 6-11 spots available on Saturday depending on topic length.

Hope to see you there!

Ben Brown
SoOnCon 2010 / Kwartzlab

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