[hackerspaces] FAMiLab is trying(begging) for a Laser Cutter :)

Nate Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Fri Sep 10 12:04:25 CEST 2010

Woooo! I recognize a few names on the list of backers. :) This sets a
great precedent.

Established spaces will have many more opportunities to help newish ones.
Announcing a project on this list is a great way to get attention, but in
this case I spotted it before the announcement. I had just received the
weekly Kickstarter newsletter (I never unsubscribed their spam, cuz
sometimes it's worthy), and while none of those projects caught my eye, I
got the urge to search for "hackerspace" on the site.

When I saw FAMilab's project, I instantly knew it was something i3Detroit
should support, so I made the post on our blog a few minutes later. Didn't
actually check, and haven't heard, from other members whether they
approved of the use, but oh well! :D Enough members backed the project
that I assume it was a good fit.

i3Detroit may be trying for a laser of our own in the next few weeks here.
Not that that's a hint or anything. ;)


> Looks like the kickstarter has passed the goal - congrats FAMiLab!
> -Leigh
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