[hackerspaces] Hackerspace Call-in Notes from 2010.10.03

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 22:51:31 CEST 2010

My notes from the Hackerspaces Call-in 2010.10.03 . Any mistakes,
errors, or spelling-failures are entirely my fault :( - Far

= Updates =
TOG  (Rob) -
	Distributed Irish hackerspcae event, "Irish hackerspaces week".
Looking into organizational tax and council tax exemption, and drop
membership rate.  'Hackers the movie video' nice, and 'Hackers are
people too'  Looking to do things during Science Week & Innovation
Dublin coming up soon.

Baltimore Node (Matt Forr)-
	Cleaning and dump run.  Mame cabinet in the works. Open Hacks are
doing well. Had a makerbot talk recently, by their web dev that lives
in town.

Hive76 (Far McKon) -
	Cleaning.  Just did a micro-controller class.  Looking into a loft.
Top Secret Rosies movie was released, we did a talk on it last month.
At Baltimore Node talking to Matt Forr about East Coast
Hackerspace/Makerspace camp for spring.
Splat Space (Justice)  -
Just got keys to a new space, are just moving in. 20 - 25 members.  3
Weekly events  sunday programming night,  monday craft nights. Just
had a local even called Spark Con, had a space to host interactive and
video art at the event.

Reverse Space (Lady Nikkon) -
Also moved into a new space. Doing a Dojo-Con (programming event) in
December.  Mostly trying to get up and running, and making a nice
space. Aiming to get open by the end of October or beginning of Nov.

= Announcements =
Want a East Coast ???-Space Camp?
A few people are talking about a East Coast ???space camp.  We know
what we want to do, but are looking for feedback.  If you're
interested, and have a second we could use your input:

(Here I left the call.. Any mistakes, errors, or spelling-failures are
entirely my bad) - Far

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