[hackerspaces] HoaP - Attending 27c3 from overseas?

Thorsten Haas chaos at skytee.de
Sat Nov 27 20:48:02 CET 2010

To whom it may concern,

Berlin is cold and windy in winter. Especially if you are attending  
the first time from a warmer place than Berlin in winter, please know  

There is this thing called Congress Crud[tm].

It's the nastiest flu-like sickness known to man. It can really,  
really ruin your stay and make your flight back horrible!

Here's why:

People tend to not sleep enough.
Also, people tend to drink too much Club Mate and dehydrate.
Also, people tend to drink too much ethanol and dehydrate even more.
Also, there's really dry air in winter inside (heating) and outside.
Also, the fun is always at smoky party venues.
Also, there WILL be people having a cold.
Also, people tend to underestimate the weather when quickly going  
outside "for a smoke" or "for donuts".

Your oral, nasal and bronchial mucosa dry out, bacteria from sick  
people have a chance to settle in and your weakened immune system  
(cold, lack of sleep) won't stand a chance to fend it off.

To prevent that:
- Bring warm clothes.
- Dress in layers.
- Take vitamins regularly.
- Drink enough hydrating liquids. Especially when having dry lips, dry  
nose or running nose.
- Sleep!

Best regards and a lovely stay,

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