[hackerspaces] Cleaning up the wiki "list of hackerspaces"

Martin Ling martin-hackerspaces at earth.li
Fri Nov 26 15:57:57 CET 2010

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 10:47:48AM -0800, Lokkju Brennr wrote:
> Just my opinion here, but...
> "Planned" means there are some people interested, even if only one
> person, in creating a new space.  they could be coming up with a name,
> thinking about goals, etc - but they are not actively pursuing a
> physical space at this point.
> "Building" means they are actively looking for people to help them
> start a space, are looking for a location, have some idea of a name,
> and some idea what their objectives will be with their new space.
> This phase also commonly collecting money to help open the space.

Is there really that much distinction between these two? In our case at
least I wouldn't be able to point to a date at which we went from one to
the other. We didn't come up with a name until after we'd got the space,
and we're still formalising the goals three months later.

'Building' suggests that a space exists and it's in the process of being
filled with furniture, equipment etc.

Personally I'm not sure it's useful to have anything between 'planned'
and 'active'. The distinction there is clear: either there's an actual
physical space or there isn't.


Edinburgh Hacklab

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