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There's also AROS:

and a few others that I am forgetting. What were the other hackerspace
membership systems?

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Hi all,

Here's a fun project =)  As you all know, keep track of membership and
payments hasn't quite been our strongest suite, so here's an attempt to help
fix that problem.

A preliminary project has been underway a while, but time and other
commitments have unfortunately not allowed us to keep up and bring it to
actual use.

So here it goes on our HackerspaceSG GitHub in the hope that the community
will be able to take it on and develop it into something we, and perhaps
even hackerspaces elsewhere, might be able to use.

The TallyUp (I suck at naming things) Project lives here:

And this is probably a good read as well:

Do let know if you want in =)


Chat: http://hackerspace.sg/chat

- Bryan
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