[hackerspaces] Renaming a Space

Nate Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Mon Nov 22 22:50:00 CET 2010

Well, since The Detroit Facility was a flop and eventually supplanted by
i3Detroit, I figure it's time to give the name another chance at life.
I'll suggest The Baltimore Facility.

Some of our early logo ideas:

Lately I've been keeping a list of interesting potential space names that
bubble into my head. I only started writing them down last week, but so
far I have:

Opposable Thumbs Studio, or just Opposable Thumbs

New Make City

Sufficiently Advanced


Silicon Studio

Silicon and Steel

Make It So

Blinkenmore (just for you!)

It's hard to admit that your existing name isn't right, and even harder to
abandon the branding/advertising/reputation-building you've done thus far.
But I think it's the right thing to do in the long run, if you can find a
new name that really does work substantially better.

Good luck!

> We have been known as Harford Hackerspace since January 2009. The problem
> is
> that we operate out of Baltimore County, MD. When I started the space I
> lived in Harford but 8 of 10 of our members are from Baltimore so we
> decided
> it would be best to establish the space there.
> It has resulted in potential members not even looking at our space. It's
> amazing how many people eventually do find us and let us know that had
> they
> know we were in Baltimore they would come more often and participate in
> more
> of our events. So it's time to change our name.
> Please give us some suggestions. We are a well established hackerspace and
> we would really like to expand. We are a well rounded group with experts
> in
> Software and Hardware. We tend to do more hardware. Another hackerspace is
> located in Baltimore City and they go by the name Baltimore Node.
> Let me know if you need more information in order to make suggestions that
> fit our group. You can always check out our website at
> www.harfordhackerspace.org to see what we do.
> Thank you
> David Powell
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