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Isaac Hacksimov isaac.hacksimov at patiomaravillas.net
Fri Nov 12 11:50:22 CET 2010

Apologies in advance if this email if offtopic. Please foward and share
this information!

Mail Bombing to the EU parliament:

On October 10th, over 20,000 sahrawis started a large peaceful protest
to reclaim their right to work, not to be discriminated against, and the
use of their natural resources, by establishing a camp of 7,000 haimas
15 km away from El Aaiún (Laayoune, capital of Western Sahara).

30 days later, the Moroccan government sent its´ army to assault and
destroy the sahrawi camp of Agdaym Iziken. 28 people were killed, 723
were injured and 159 missing, not counting civilians sent to prison,
hospitals and military camps.

Join the effort to make pressure at the european parliament to stop the
Moroccan governement (70,000 have been sent already, we need many more!):



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