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Fri Nov 12 11:38:47 CET 2010

Hi folks,
a person ask me to spread this message[1] to hackerspaces lists.

that is an xmailer, you fill a form with a message and this message is
sent to all politicians and people that can manage a right solution
for the problems that are happening these days on sahara conflict.

[1] http://sahararights.net/

more info:
By filling this form you will send an e-mail to your country's
representatives in the European Parliament in your own language.
Please, write with respect and clarity. The aim of this utility is to
allow you to reach every MEP with a unique message written by yourself
(i.e. not using "copy&paste").

On October 10th, over 20,000 sahrawis started a large peaceful protest
to reclaim their right to work, not to be discriminated against, and
the use of their natural resources, by establishing a camp of 7,000
haimas 15 km away from El Aaiún (Laayoune, capital of Western Sahara).

30 days later, the Moroccan government sent its´ army to assault and
destroy the sahrawi camp of Agdaym Iziken. 28 people were killed, 723
were injured and 159 missing, not counting civilians sent to prison,
hospitals and military camps.

At the same time, the occupying forces of Morocco have encouraged and
armed settlers in the city of El Aaiún, who, together with policemen
in plain clothes, broke into houses, businesses, and burnt vehicles of
sahrawi citizens. Morocco's army has declared a state of martial law
over the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara.

Silence is not an option, and there is no way to stop the fair
requests of the sahrawi people. On the other hand, there is an ability
to protect those suffering repression. This is the reason we have
created this tool; to transmit by any means the universal demand for
justice, dignity and respect for the lives of those who today are
persecuted by professional and paramilitary forces on the streets of
El Aaiún. Together we may, using this tool, cooperate to demand that
the Europarliament protest against these acts.

Proposals to be considered in the drafting of your message:

    * Explain briefly with your own words what is happening, tell them
how you feel and what they should do on your behalf.
    * Ask them to demand that the Moroccan government to cease using
violence against the Sahrawi population in the Occupied Territories of
Western Sahara.
    * Tell them in your own words that the UN must take action by
enforcing Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as
well as the resolutions adopted for the non-self-governing Territories
of the Sahara.
    * Explain to them that they should ask the UN to have the Security
Council grant MINURSO the ability to monitor Humans Rights, reporting
directly to the UN Security Council.
    * Remind them that the UN has an obligation to protect the
population of non-self-governing Territories whilst they await a
referendum on self-determination, in accordance with the resolutions
of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council and the African Union.
    * Ask them to raise their voices, to allow civilians to act as
human rights observers as well as free access to the press.
    * Demand that they stand in front of the European Parliament and
ask for it to intervene in the conflict, as well as asking the same of
the international community.
    * Ask them to demand the immediate release of illegally detained
Sahrawi; there are hundreds of people reported missing or arrested.

thanks you much for your help.

see ya in the cyberspace!

- Blackhold
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