[hackerspaces] USRP2 PIctures

M dblmca at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 13:03:09 CET 2010


We are looking for some hi-res pictures of an USRP2 main board.

Two months ago we collected enough money to order one...

but they told us that they would not be in stock till mid Oct.
No worries, we will wait.  Now they tell us that it wont be till Dec.

And even though they claim its an opensource hardware project they do
not publish the cad files just the schematics.
So we bought the WBX daughter card (the RF bits) and have decided to
make our own main board.

The main board is an Spartan3-2000 FPGA and the ADCs.
The schematics are available and from that we can make the board.
But it would be nice to have some pics for a sanity check.

So if you have access to one, we would love some close up shots of the
board.  Something like 4 of the top (4 quadrants) and the same with
the bottom.

Once we finish we will post the eagle files.



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