[hackerspaces] hackerspaces meetup? / hope and 27c3

Nick Farr (hackerspaces.org) nick at hackerspaces.org
Tue May 18 18:38:17 CEST 2010

> I see immense value in getting organizers of spaces together to discuss
> issues related with spaces

Agreed.  When someone steps forward to put an event like this
together, we should encourage it, even if we can't attend it.

> An event like that however is not suited to "public access".  It's not about
> exclusion or elitism, it's simply a matter of signal to noise ratio.  In
> that regard I like the idea of a hackerspace congress.  But, it's not
> something that could be done a million times a year.

I'm going to strongly disagree with this for three reasons:

1) Ideally, anyone who puts forward an effort with hackerspaces is an
"organizer".  Anyone who bothers to show up to an event is likely
motivated enough to be in a position to help encourage
interhackerspace cooperation.

2) Especially in this community, when you make an event anything less
than entirely open, you lose potential attendees with (justifiable)
charges of elitism.

3) There are still many folks interested in building Hackerspaces that
might not have an "official" affiliation but would add value to such
an event.  Especially for a first time event, anyone that shows up
should get accreditation for that simple reason.

I think the rest of your e-mail warrants a new thread...

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