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Nick Farr (hackerspaces.org) nick at hackerspaces.org
Tue May 18 17:17:11 CEST 2010

I'm going to disagree strongly on this one, especially when it comes
to Raymond's effort.  We shouldn't discourage it.

We're at the point where a hackerspaces-focused conference is
necessary.  /tmp/lab proved this with HSF

If a crew on this side of the Atlantic presents itself as a starting
point, then so be it.  Raymond, did you want to possibly run a US HSF
in coordination with /tmp/lab?

There's a lot of things to discuss, from formation, growth, survival
and more importantly looking at ways to work together--just among
North American spaces.

Just looking at the ChaosVPN--there's probably enough there for at
least a day's worth of working sessions, training and development

The problem with "just picking a bigger conference" is that attention
is incredibly diluted.  People are there for a multitude of reasons,
and it's hard to get people to focus their attention on a single
topic, get everyone to agree on a working session, etc.

There are going to be Hackerspace-centric efforts at The Next Hope and
DEFCON, 27C3 and likely many other conferences.

The problem with the CCC Congress is that it's virtually out of the
question for those with family obligations in the Americas.  I feel
hackerspaces should be reaching out to those with families, or at the
very least avoiding more situations where those folks might be

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On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 10:56, elmar lecher <mc.fly at ramdrive.org> wrote:
> Heyho guys.
> I think we should aim at a bigger conference and meet there. I think either
> hope or defcon is a good place in the states and ccc 27c3 is a good place
> here in europe.
> Lets just pick one of those days.
> I can understand most organizers want to have it on their cons, but i dont
> think its a good idea to pick a too small conderence.
> You would not want to need to show up on cons like the
> metarheinmain-chaosdays or the Gulasch-programmier-nacht (which are both
> awesome conferences but i doubt you want to fly over the pond for that.)
> I think a lot of new hackerspaces need to know that this is not a american
> only thing.
> mc.fly ...
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