[hackerspaces] Establishing hackerspace and getting people actively involved

Tim Krabec tkrabec at gmail.com
Mon May 10 15:19:12 CEST 2010

I'd like to say don't get discouraged.  I've been working on Hak-it for a
long time (1st post on the website was July 17, 2008 ).  Since then I've
been trying to gather some support get community members interested, etc.
I've got a few people who are willing to help.  I've talked to many people
in town about the hacker space.  The biggest problem I've had is explaining
to everyone I talk to "what a hacker space is", my solution is to change the
name from Hak-it/Indiantown Hacker Space to "Indiantown High Tech Community
Workshop".  I believe this change will help move the discussion away from
"Hackers" to actually making things happen.

I've figured out our 1st public project, setting up some donated computers
at a local park.  Simple, yes, but they have No OS, and No codes on the
machines so I'm gonna be making it an educational experience by installing

Well enough rambling...
Tim Krabec
www.smbminute.com (podcast)
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