[hackerspaces] Hackito Ergo Sum Program is out

Philippe Langlois philippe.langlois at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 14:33:02 CET 2010


For Hackerspaces that would like to come present their work, show  
stuff during the conference, please contact us and we will provide  
you with a space and free pass.

Hackito Ergo Sum 2010 Program is out. We’re delighted to host such a  
great selection of great speakers and interesting projects. With  
speeches ranging from new kind of vulnerability (world first  
disclosure of this kind of bug from Julien Vanegue, Microsoft) to a  
network technique for  generic-IP fingerprinting and tracking using  
hardware-related properties, we can say that this year Hackito Ergo  
Sum will be rich in content. Several workshops such as FPGA security  
and reverse engineering challenge, lockpicking or Capture The Flag  
(CTF) will happen too. Stay tuned for more information and details on  
the program.


Hackito Ergo Sum 2010 - Program (8th to 10th of April 2010)

Thursday 2010-04-08:
10h30-11h30 - Keynote - Jeremie Zimmermann (La Quadrature du Net)
11h30-12h30 - From myth to real stuff: SMM, Kernel sploits and TPM -  
Rodrigo Branco “BSDaemon” (Coseinc)

14h00-15h00 - FPGA security challenge - Sebastien Bourdeauducq  
(Milkymist, /tmp/lab, BEC)
15h00-16h00 - Hacking the Belgacom Box 2 - Benjamin Henrion  
(FFII.org, HackerSpace Brussels)
16h00-17h00 - Using AI Techniques to improve Pentesting Automation -  
Carlos Sarraute (Core Security)
17h00-18h00 - Evolution  of Microsoft security mitigations - Tim  
Burrell (Microsoft)

Friday 2010-04-09:
10h30-11h30 - Internet Explorer turns your personal computer into a  
public file server - Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina (Core Security)
11h30-12h30 - Breaking Virtualization by switching to Virtual 8086  
mode - Jonathan Brossard (P1 Security)

14h00-15h00 - Mac OS X Physical Memory Analysis - Matthieu Suiche  
(Moonsols, Sandman, win32dd)
15h00-16h00 - Attacking VoIP - attacks and the attackers - Sandro  
Gauci (EnableSecurity)
16h00-17h00 - Fuzzing- the SMB case - Laurent Gaffié (Stratsec)
17h00-18h00 - Getting in the SS7 kingdom: hard technology and  
disturbingly easy hacks to get entry points in the walled garden -  
Philippe Langlois (P1 Security)

Saturday 2010-04-10:
11h30-12h30 - Turbot – Next Generation Botnet - Itzik Kotler  
(Radware), Ziv Gadot (Radware)

14h00-15h00 - Fingerprinting hardware devices using clock-skewing -  
Renaud Lifchitz
15h00-16h00 - A5/1 application & crack via GPU - Gloire Gwendal  
(Kalkulator's Knights Project)
16h00-17h00 - Stack Smashing Protector in FreeBSD - Paul Rascagneres
17h00-18h00 - Static analysis of a new kind of heap vulnerability -  
Julien Vanegue (Microsoft)

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