[hackerspaces] Making Connections In The Community - How does YOUR hackerspace do this?

Ashley McClelland armcclelland at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 18:43:53 CET 2010

Hi all,

we're getting on our feet over at Interlock in Rochester, NY-- just moved
into our official space as of last month, getting our infrastructure
solidified, etc. We've gone through incorporation, insurance, bank
account'ing, budgeting, and all of that super fun stuff.

One thing we're moving towards now is how we can best make connections
throughout the community to recruit new members and, in general, to
contribute to our community at large. We are working towards 501(c)3 status
and I think it's important to precede or at least coincide that step with
community outreach.

We are looking at making partnerships with our local coworking organization
in the area, for discounted memberships/dues on either end. Also, we're
looking into member discounts at the locally owned electronics and gaming
stores as benefits for our members. We want to be able to offer our members
additional incentives for membership, while also hopefully tying this in
with greater connections amongst local businesses and other non-profits in
the area. I know some spaces have done really interesting things from
hosting job fairs in their space to hosting conventions involving local
hackerspaces and related organizations.

What has your space done that might help in the brainstorming of how we (and
other hackerspaces) can help reach out, get our names out, and make
connections throughout the community?

Ashley McClelland
Interlock Rochester
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