[hackerspaces] Does a space need water?

Blackhold blackholdmailer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 00:13:15 CET 2010

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 11:10 PM, Sara Gould <sajego at alum.rit.edu> wrote:

> Any thoughts?  Have you wished for a utility sink often?

all our places are in squatted buildings and we always have
opensourced electricity and water :P

in both places we have toilet almost one floor close to hacklab, it is
very usefull when you have needs, sometimes you are freaking with
computer and for a while you remember you have a body and you must to
go to toilet, if not a disaster could happen ;)
have water close to hacklab also allows you to clean the hacklab
mostly, is important to have a clean hacklab, in my thinking it allows
you to work better, the place is ok, you are ok.

one friend hacklab, once squatted a home without running watter and
running electricity, they solved the problem taking the electricity
from the streetlamp of the front of the CSOA and water from the rain
inside a big tanks of 100 litters of the toilets and cleaning the
place (about 2000m2) and from the fountain for showing and cooking.

I don't live at the squatted homes, but some people of hackerspace do.
The hacklab then is their home, and hackerspace is their life :)

We also have great sofas (this is more important than water lol,
always will be the bar on the corner) and place to sleep.

> Thanks,

you are welcome :)

> Sara


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