[hackerspaces] Does a space need water?

tetsu yatsu tetsuharu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 23:18:50 CET 2010

At FAMiLab our bathrooms and source of water are a bit further than we'd
like, but we do alright. We got a water cooler (Office Space style) that
chills and heats water for us. We cook ramen with it.

But we don't do any chemistry or much requiring water. When I was bending
PVC for our geodesic dome project, I got a small plastic box and put some
water in it.

IMHO, not that big a deal. You'll learn how to better outfit your lab in
time. It took us 6 months to realize what we wanted and needed, so we could
have even gone with a 6 month lease.

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 6:10 PM, Sara Gould <sajego at alum.rit.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Looking for our first space I have about 5 to choose from so far.
> There's so much variety just in what I looked, all empty, the market
> favors new tenants right now.
> One thing I don't think I've seen in the design docs is whether having
> water IN your space versus across the hall in a shared bathroom is
> worth paying more for.  More flexibility, yes, but we'd also have to
> clean the bathroom if it's in the space versus shared.  I could see
> the other tenants being upset if someone messes up the bathroom and
> leaves it that way but that could happen with any business.
> Any thoughts?  Have you wished for a utility sink often?
> Thanks,
> Sara
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