[hackerspaces] barcelona subdomain and list (?)

Hellekin O. Wolf hellekin at cepheide.org
Wed Mar 3 14:49:56 CET 2010

I'm glad that Donald and Sylva1n chimed in.

Sylva1n, would it be a plan to use hackerspaces.eu as a portal for
european hackerspaces? The idea would be to provide localized access
for people who don't speak English. Most hackerspaces will have their
own wiki or whatever for that, but if you can at least provide CNAMEs
to hackerspaces who ask, that would be fantastic.

I'm unsure about how to integrate multiple domains to avoid
duplication of contents or purpose, but that sort of things can be
discussed. The aim being that we improve and not disrupt the service
provided to the community.



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