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webmind wrote:
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> "A topic which I would love to raise at some point in the near future - -
> 'children in hackerspaces'."

We here at syn2cat do a lot with Kids in and around our HackerSpace.

The last thing we did was a Soldering workshop with 10-12 year olds and
it was a full success. And guess what, they did burn their fingers and
did not spontaneously combust! FTW!

We were 3 "supervisors" for 12 Kids. Mostly for convenience so they can
ask us questions and we can properly help.

The only important thing we had to do is explain the ground rules and
that in case they burn themselves they need to tell us and we'll fix em' up.

As this was a School Class the "School" Paid for everything which
covered our investments into the Kits etc.

I guess working with Kids needs a lot of common sense. It comes without
saying that we will NOT let them "fire the Lazor!!" or hand everyone a
chainsaw for the fun of it.

And yes the younger they are the more they like to draw stuff.

I gave one entry-level IT Security course for Kids. And I was overwelmed
by the Fact that there were 20 of them and I wasn't ready yet and they
were impatient so I handed them paper and colors. Then told them to draw
me a Computer Virus and a Computer Worm.

It was pretty impressive how they interprete these terms ;)

Anyway, we at syn2cat are available for any help or questions you might
have related to Kids and Hacking.

Our next bigger project (starting in 3 weeks) is an Electronics workshop
for 12-15 year old girls.

If anyone has more experience working with Girls (and what they actually
like and enjoy) we would be more than happy to hear more about that on
another Thread.



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