[hackerspaces] automated membership dues request

Jeff Cotten omegix at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 15:53:11 CET 2010

Makers Local 256 ended up rolling up a donation reminder system using CakePhP.

Starting the first Tuesday of every month, if the user has not set their status to paid in the donation system,
an email is sent out requesting they make their donation.  It will keep doing this every Tuesday until the user logs
in and updates their monthly dues status to pending, which will keep the reminder emails from being sent.  
The treasurer\admin can then login and set the user's status to "Paid" after he's confirmed that he received their money.

If anyone is interested in adapting this for their needs, the creator (brimstone) has offered to share the source code.

Makers Local 256 (Huntsville, AL)

> I would love some suggestions for something to handle dues payments
> and membership status...  other than rolling my own.  Awesome if it
> were to integrate with some easy payment systems.
> Loki

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