[hackerspaces] Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

Deech deech at ninjacow.net
Thu Jan 14 01:35:04 CET 2010

This discussion has been really interesting.

So, to address the "don't solve a problem you don't have" comments:
Firstly, that's a good idea, but you do need to have a little
forethought. I mean, the example given, if you're in a neighborhood
with a noticeable crime rate, you may not yet personally have the
problem of people breaking it, but it's probably a good idea to make
sure it's difficult with the bars on the windows. However, I have
noticed a bit of a trend to over plan the rules in our group, so
working to scale it back from going too far is certainly a good idea.

As far as that applies to this conversation, I don't think there is
necessarily a problem here, but I think that it's prudent to think
about now before it is.

In the case of C-Base, perhaps hurt feelings would have been saved all
around if any visiting hacker was able to see up front that C-Base
welcomes all visiting hackers, but does retain a local members only
area for safety reasons (or whatever reason they want, I'm just
speculating). Then a visiting hacker knows what to expect and how to
behave (not to go snooping around behind the clearly marked Members
Only door) and the locals won't be put in a position of being "rude"
when they enforce their rules for visitors.

So, I say the wiki page is good. If I can get more time then running
in and out, I'll edit it to reflect what I think..
(as I sit here in my jacket ready to go out the door only pausing
briefly to answer an email while my phone sucks up a little charge)


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