[hackerspaces] Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

quemener.yves at free.fr quemener.yves at free.fr
Fri Jan 8 15:44:47 CET 2010

As an outside armchair observer, I would just like to point out something that I anticipate to cause some problems :

----- "Koen Martens" <gmc at har2009.org> a écrit :

> 1.2. Roaming fee collection
> Roaming members pay their dues to the Hxx foundation, who
> collects the money and puts it in a special fund. The fund
> will be spend at the discretion of the participating
> hackerspaces.
> To keep things simple, the money from the fund may be spend
> only if all of the hackerspaces (by way of their governing
> body) agree to the expenditure.

So one blocking person may be enough to block a situation where some money is involved ? Expect drama.

> 4.3. Miminal reciprocity
> It might be felt that a given hackerspaces does not provide
> enough reciprocity in the sense of paragraphs 1.1 and 2.1.
> of this document, while still making a claim to the funds.
> In this case, the hackerspace might be unanimously excluded
> from this program by the remaining hackerspaces.

So what prevents the same nasty guy to pretend he represents two hackerspaces ? Or to come with one of his friends ?

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