[hackerspaces] Securing domain names

Sylva1n sylv41n at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 21:12:11 CET 2010


I've done a quick checkout, and there are lots of national
"hackerspaces.TLD" that are still available.
May I suggest any hacker spaces in :
*<sidenote> do NOT 'whois' those domain names unless you're ready to buy
them immediately. Some site have been know in the past to 'reserve' any
domain name that was searched for. </sidenote>*
- Swiss (ch)
- Spain (es,cat)
- Belgium (be)
- UK (org.uk, co.uk eventually)
- Poland (pl)
- Austria (at)
- China (cn)
- Mexico (mx)
- Czech Republic (cz)
- Argentina (ar)
- Canada (ca)
- Italy (it)
- Japan (jp)
- India (in)
- Luxembourg (lu)
- Norway (no)
- Portugal (pt)
- Russia (ru)
- Sweden (se)
- Taiwan (tw)

... to secure their respective national domain name _ASAP_, make a small
site (in their native language) explaining the HS movement, point to
national HS webpages and host contact pages for HS without web presence.
For the English version, point to hackerspaces.org, there's no need to
duplicate the global and local HS lists.

For now, the NL, DE, FR, US, EU and ASIA are secured and hopefully in good
hands (no shady resalers).
Additionally, the nice fellows who own the ORG, NET and COM could grab the
TV domain (for future vodcast projects), before those horrible name-grabbing
robots see there is an interest and preempt everything still available.

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